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Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC)
Component 3: Demonstration of Cognitive Expertise

Component 3: Demonstration of Cognitive Expertise

  • This component represents the Osteopathic Continuous Certification examination process.
  • Individual physicians must take and pass a secure, proctored, written examination every ten years to maintain certification. The Osteopathic Continuous Certification exam in general pediatrics and it's subspecialties have been developed by the AOBP to test the knowledge of the practicing osteopathic pediatrician. The general pediatrics exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions and the pass rate is typically greater than 90% each year. It is offered once a year at Prometric testing centers located across the nation in a computerized format. The cost of the exam is $1150. Subspecialty exams vary in length and type of administration. These are either written or oral examinations. The cost of these exams is $1250. Applications, requirements and deadlines are posted on the AOBP website and AOA Certifying Services is available to assist you in the application process. Osteopathic Continuous Certification requirements can be viewed on the AOBP website under Osteopathic Continuous Certification examination.
  • All AOBP certified pediatricians with a certificate dated after January 1, 2009 are required to take and pass the exam once every ten (10) years. The individual may take the exam up to three years prior to the expiration of the certificate. If passed, the new certificate is issued for ten years from the date of the expiring certificate.
  • All AOBP certified pediatricians with a dated certificate issued before January 1, 2009 were certified for seven (7) years. The individual must take and pass the exam prior to the date the certificate expires and may take the exam the year prior to the expiration date. If passed, the new certificate will be re-issued with an expiration date ten years from the expiration of the certificate.
  • Any osteopathic pediatrician who is certified by the AOBP and holds a non-time limited (lifetime) certificate is NOT required to participate in ANY component of the OCC process. It is strongly suggested that the individual volunteer to participate given the fact that the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) will institute a Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) program within the next ten years. The AOA OCC program has been approved by the FSMB as meeting requirements for MOL. The FSMB currently represents all US state and territorial licensing bodies. MOL will require that all physicians licensed by the states take a secure, proctored, written exam. A physician who is not participating in MOC or OCC will be required to take a general licensing exam prepared by the individual state board or the FSMB.
    • The member with a non-time limited certificate who volunteers to participate in OCC will be required to participate in all components of OCC. All OCC activity will be monitored, recorded and reported as usual. Exam failures will not result in loss of certification but will be recorded. Retakes of a failed exam will be allowed according to the regular policies and procedures of the AOBP.
      • Click here to access the BOS Handbook, see Policies and Procedures, Article VIII. Board Eligibility
      • The AOBP OCC Volunteer Form for Non-Time Limited Certificate Holders is located in the OCC Forms tab
    • OCC requirements will be pro-rated based upon when the individual enters the OCC cycle. This will be determined individually. A ten year exam period will be assigned to the individual during which he/she must take theOsteopathic Continuous Certification exam.
    • The individual who elects to not continue in the OCC process after initially volunteering will retain the original non-time limited certificate without penalty.
    • Any member who elects to not participate in OCC will be reported as possessing an non-time limited specialty certificate and that he/she is not required to participate in OCC.


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