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The AOBP views any conduct deemed irregular very seriously, and may pursue action to the full extent permitted by law against any candidate or candidates exhibiting irregular conduct.

Irregular conduct shall be construed as any behavior on the part of any candidate whose conduct violates the integrity or security of the examination or who exhibits behavior that is disruptive to the administration of the examination. Verbal or physical abuse of the proctor, any agent of the AOBP or other candidates, and refusal to provide proper ID or permit photo documentation for ID verification during the check-in would be considered as irregular conduct. Candidates are obligated to obey the rules as outlined by AOBP or Prometric that apply to or at their test centers.  Intentional damage to property within the test center is also considered disruptive conduct.

Candidates are reminded that bringing personal effects or property into the testing area violates the security of the examination and would be considered irregular conduct. Candidates should be sure to place personal property in the secure lockers provided at the test centers. Likewise, removing scrap paper or the white board provided by the test center from the testing area would constitute irregular conduct. Candidates are also advised that copying, reproducing, verbally discussing, relaying or recording test items or test content, in addition to violating security, may evoke prosecution for violation of copyright laws.

Candidates suspected of irregular conduct will be reported to the AOBP by Prometric. Any reports of irregular conduct will be investigated by the AOBP. At the discretion of the AOBP, candidates reported to have demonstrated conduct deemed to be irregular or disruptive may not have their test scored or may have their score voided or score withheld pending full investigation by the AOBP.

Candidates and other persons who directly observe irregular conduct are ethically bound to report such activity to the proctor, other agents of the AOBP, or the AOBP.

Decisions regarding irregular conduct are determined solely at the discretion of the AOBP and all such decisions are final. Candidates exhibiting irregular conduct may be barred from taking any and all future AOBP examinations, including but not limited to the Certification and Osteopathic Continuous Certification examinations.

Candidates should be aware that they are under both proctor and electronic surveillance during the administration of the Certification and Osteopathic Continuous Certification examinations at the test centers.