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Welcome to the AOBP instructional program on the
Certification and Osteopathic Continuous Certification computer-based examinations.

The AOBP offers the Certification and Osteopathic Continuous Certification examinations in General Pediatrics in a computer-based format.  This secure examination is administered at over 300 professional testing centers nationwide. Candidates will be notified of their scores in writing within ninety days after the exam. In the event of a failing score, a candidate will have the opportunity to retake the examination in accordance with the guidelines provided in the AOBP Bylaws.

“The testing center "Prometric" in Greenville, SC was a joy to test at. Friendly employees, organized and professional. The computerized exam experience was much better than past written exams. Congrats on this transition. Great for us osteopaths!”  - Lauretta Stombaugh, DO