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Payment & Costs

ADA candidates are advised to check the AOBP website at or contact the AOBP directly for the most current policies and information.


The candidate must complete the application process and make full payment for the examination at the time of application. Candidates are not permitted to schedule without payment.

The fees for the Certification and Osteopathic Continuous Certification examinations are posted on the website at

Reschedule an Examination Location

Candidates can only change the exam location of the examination.

A candidate may reschedule his/her exam location online at any time prior to 15 full days of his/her examination date without incurring any rescheduling fee.

A candidate who reschedules his/her exam location online at any time between 15 full days and 5 full days before his/her examination date will incur an administrative fee of $59.50. The fee must be paid online with a credit card (Visa, Master Card and American Express) when rescheduling an appointment.

No changes can be made less than 5 full days before his/her examination date.

Cancel and Withdraw an Examination

Candidates who wish to cancel or withdraw their examinations MUST contact the AOBP in writing 15 full days prior to their examination date. Candidates will NOT be able to cancel their appointments online.

Fees and/or other penalties that may be incurred by candidates for cancellation/withdrawal may be found on the website (

ADA candidates are reminded that they will be unable to schedule their accommodated examination unless such accommodations have been previously approved by the AOBP in writing.