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AOBP has established a pre-determined pass rate. Examination scores are not curved in any way dependent upon candidate performance on any examination administration.

For the computer-based Certification and Osteopathic Continuous Certification examinations, candidates will receive an official copy of their scores from the AOBP by mail. The candidate exam results from AOBP will provide a pass/fail designation, and a test analysis.  Passing the AOBP Certification or Osteopathic Continuous Certification examination is based upon an examinee’s performance on the total exam, not on the performance of each topic.  However, candidates will be provided with a graphic performance profile according to the AOBP content categories. The Performance Profile provides information on an examinee’s performance on each topic in comparison with others who take the same exam.  The examinee may use the profile to assess areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Individual scores will typically be reported to candidates within ninety days of their examination date.