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On The Test Day

Arrival Time

On the scheduled examination date, candidates should arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the examination. Any candidate who arrives at the designated test center within 30 minutes after the scheduled start time will be permitted to take the exam if the operating hours of the test center permits. Any candidate who arrives later than 30 minutes will not be permitted to take the examination and will be considered as "no-show."

Candidates are advised that start times at the test centers may vary. Candidates should check their confirmation page for accurate start times.

What to Bring to the Test Center

Candidates must bring with them two (2) pieces of identification, at least one of which must be a government-issued picture ID, such as a license or passport. Candidates will be required to verify their AOA ID on the screen. Candidates are required to have a digital photo taken and provide a biometric ID (fingerprint) to enter and exit the test center. Candidates should bring corrective lenses or hearing aids if they are required for test taking. These materials might be subject to inspection.

Candidates are not permitted to bring food or drink into the testing area of the center. If candidates require food or drink during the testing period, they may request an unscheduled break that will be charged against the allocated test session during which the break is taken.

Candidates are advised that due to security regulations, candidates are not permitted to bring any personal effects into the testing area of the test center. During the check-in process, proctors will ask all candidates to place personal property in secure lockers for which they will be given keys. Items such as calculators, PDAs, cell phones, pagers, notebooks, reference materials, and DVD and CD players are not permitted in the testing area of the center and should be placed in the secure lockers provided at the center. Candidates will be provided a pen or pencil to be used with the scrap paper provided. Scrap paper used during the test will be collected and shredded. A white board may also be provided for use in the testing area. In no circumstance should any scrap paper or white board used during the test be removed from the testing area of the center.